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Who me? Shucks...(scuffle, scuffle, blush) I'm nuthin special....
I'm a 52 year old fella who is blessed to have a wonderful wife and near perfect son. I work at a small chain of flooring stores (4, is that really a chain?) in the beautiful Tampa Bay market. I'm doing this for two reasons: 1. Buying flooring CAN be a difficult, confusing, horrible bit of anti-fun. I emphasize CAN be because I want to make it easier for you with advice, answers, and education about flooring in Florida. NO SELLING! I promise. (former boy scout mind you) 2. I have been told by everyone that it impossible to make a blog about flooring entertaining. Lucky for me I am a freaking riot. I have accepted the challenge, made a few side bets, and will endeavor to always bring the funny in what ever I'm sharing. That's it, - lemme have it, comments, questions, insults, fart jokes, I'm up for it.